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About Us ExtremeChickens

"Chicken Pot Pie"

ExtremeChickens is the brain child of an energetic and super creative little ten year old girl who for many months was obsessed with subbing the words “chicken pot pie” into everyday conversation in a mad-lib-esque way. Late one night, while keeping her mother in stitches, this natural born comedian, animal lover, and budding entrepreneur hatched an idea.  She thought it would be absolutely hilarious to create a website displaying “all things chicken”.  After laughing with her mother for at least 30 whole minutes about all the things she could display on her chicken website, her mother was convinced that her child was onto something and soon decided to indulge her clever little girl by bringing to life ExtremeChickens.com.

Our Portfolio and Passion

In 2021, ExtremeChickens.com became a fun addition to the family’s portfolio of brands who’s core mission is to educate, entertain, promote partnerships, and both build and support local communities.  Our brands ExtremeChickens.com, RuggedAdventurer.com, and ZeroForLife.com are managed by a team of relatives – scientists, creators, writers, and social media rock stars – based in Houston, Texas.  We believe there’s a lot of amazing people, places, flavors, and ideas out there and we have a passion for sharing all that goodness with the world.

Howdy Friends

Whether you’re a visitor, local business, sponsor, or future team member, we are glad you found us!  Please contact us with your comments, suggestions, or to let us know how we can work with you.